USA School Lunch - Bento

Country: USA

Contents: Melba toast, pomegranate seeds, one Trader Joes dark chocolate sea salted caramel square, sweet potato chocolate chip cookie. Bottom is spinach artichoke dip, Wegmans chicken salad, caprese salad, mini sausages, turkey slice, sharp cheddar cheese.

Source: Nicole J.

Notes: "Lunch for my teen in her lunchbot container." That's one lucky child. My mom gave me PB&J when I was a kid.


  1. This school lunch looks good. I want our lunch like that. But this school seems rich.

  2. This isn't a meal given by the school as mentioned in the "Notes" area. This was a lunch prepared at home for the child to take to school and eat.

  3. 20 Easy Bento Lunch Boxes. Change up your kid's everyday lunch with these fun, healthy bento lunch box ideas. Tags: Picky Eating, Back to School.

    Thank you and hope you keep posting your beautiful,

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